Masterwork Кострорез
Superior Axe

Binds on Equip

Enchantable, Extractable: Tier 13, Remodelable

Absorbs up to 26,608 damage with the Axe Block skill.

Increases PvP damage dealt from rear by 7.

0.2% of your total MP instantly returns when you use a skill.

Do 5.3% more damage when you attack prone monsters.

Increases attack speed by 8%.

50% chance to regenerate MP when combat starts.

Increases PvP damage dealt by 15.

Fraywind weapon. Cannot be made into Masterwork.
Will manifest PvP effects when enchanted.

Модификатор Атаки 46094747

Модификатор Удара 2367124381

Случайный эффект при зачаровании

+1, +3, +5, +7, +9

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